Medical information

Are you unsure whether you should go to the doctor?

Determine within one minute whether you need to see a doctor.

You will receive an advice immediately.

The emergency GP office is only available for urgent care that cannot wait until the opening hours of your own GP of your GP’s replacement.

Do you need a general practitioner (GP) urgently after hours?
Call 070 346 96 69.

Life threatening situation? Always call 112.

What to do in case of an urgent matter

During the day on workdays
Call your own GP (dial 1 for emergency).
Don’t have a GP yet? Contact your health insurance company instead.

Call the emergency GP office (Huisartsenspoedpost). You’ll get to talk to a well-trained and experienced triagist.

Depending on your situation:

  • You’ll immediately receive medical advice by phone
  • You’ll make an appointment to visit the GP urgent care centre
  • A doctor will visit you at home (in case visiting the care centre is medically irresponsible)

What information should you have at hand when calling?

  • Your citizen service number (BSN)
  • The name of your GP
  • Description of your complaint(s)
  • Your medical history (major disorders/illnesses/allergies)
  • Your use of medication
  • Proof of identity (Visiting the care centre? Always bring your ID!)
  • When using your local care centre, all costs will be charged to your health insurance company.

More information and routes.

What times can you reach us?

Monday to Thursday: 5 PM to 8 AM.
Weekends: Friday 5 PM to Monday 8 AM. And on holidays.

To provide you with better assistance, we ask you to call us first. We can tell you exactly which emergency GP office you can visit. Call us at 070 346 96 69.

This information is for patients of all general practitioners in The Hague, Rijswijk, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Wassenaar.